Unlocking the Power of Relationships: Introducing Relationship Intelligence

May 09, 2024
Unlocking the Power of Relationships: Introducing Relationship Intelligenc
In private markets, personal connections to investors and target acquisitions are a key driver of success. With this in mind, InvestorFlow is excited to unveil our latest innovation: Relationship Intelligence.

The feature looks across your organization’s connections to create new channels in deal flow and fundraising. By tapping into your firm-wide network, Relationship Intelligence opens doors to new opportunities and facilitates executive engagements pitching at the right level. It does this by collecting information from your email and calendar systems to provide relationship insights within your CRM workflow.

Here the ways that Relationship Intelligence can transform your prospecting:
  1. Engagement initiation
    Reduce time identifying mutual contacts at target companies or investors. Relationship Intelligence surfaces targets based on existing relationships between your colleagues and your prospects, so your first interaction is a warm introduction.
  2. Identifying connections via email domain
    Even without contact information in your CRM, Relationship Intelligence helps you uncover pre-existing relationships by searching email domains.
  3. Sector-specific connection insights
    Gain valuable insights into key relationships within specific sectors and verticals. From founders to CEOs, Relationship Intelligence provides sector-specific connection reports to inform your approach to an industry.
  4. Leadership relationship insights
    As a manager or executive, visibility into your team's relationship-building efforts is crucial. Relationship Intelligence offers unparalleled insights into non-CRM interactions, empowering you to guide and optimize networking effectiveness.
  5. Proactive Relationship Notifications
    Stay ahead of the curve with custom alerts that keep you informed of new relationships within your target companies or sectors. Never miss an opportunity with proactive notifications integrated into your workflow.

To learn more about how Relationship Intelligence can help accelerate your prospect outreach, contact your account manager or schedule a demo today.

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