Streamline Fundraising with InvestorFlow FlexLists

By Julia Dring
February 21, 2024

In 2023, global private equity fundraising fell to its lowest levels since 2017—11.5% year over year by aggregate value while the number of funds closed (1,936) was the smallest number since at least 2015, according to Preqin data.

This challenging fundraising environment means alternative asset firms need to be even more targeted with the right opportunities being presented to the right people. Enter FlexLists, part of the InvestorFlow CRM built on Salesforce.

If you’re a fundraiser who does highly targeted investor outreach, FlexLists can accelerate your workflow. With this new feature, you can create fundraising lists and campaigns with a few clicks, and without ever leaving InvestorFlow's customized CRM.
Harness the Power of FlexLists for More Efficient Fundraising Campaigns
In a typical CRM, it’s challenging to conduct reporting that references multiple criteria. To build highly targeted campaign lists, users need to export data into a spreadsheet and run analysis using VLOOKUP before bringing the data back into the CRM. FlexLists eliminate this application switching and save fundraisers time.

FlexLists enable fundraisers to make complex queries across different fields, all within the CRM. For example, fundraisers can list all contacts with specific titles at target LPs with additional layers such as pipeline stage, prior commitments, and geography, all in one query. These opportunities can be turned into a campaign, and depending on the setup, users can run an email campaign directly within the CRM.

Once configured, each query can be generated with a single click. To get started, contact your InvestorFlow administrator.

Julia Dring is a Product Manager for InvestorFlow.

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