InvestorFlow Solution Architect and Principal Jeanette Jett Named Salesforce MVP

March 28, 2024
InvestorFlow Solution Architect and Principal Jeanette Jett Named Salesforce MVP
This month, Salesforce announced the 24 MVPs who “embody three key characteristics that influence their success: expertise, leadership, and generosity.” Jeanette Jett, a Solution Architect and Principal at InvestorFlow, was among those named to the elite class. We asked Jeanette to reflect on how being a top Trailblazer inspires her at InvestorFlow and in the greater Salesforce Ecosystem.

Part of InvestorFlow’s solution suite for powering fundraising and deal cycles is our CRM built on Salesforce, and recently I was selected to be a part of the 2024 class of Salesforce MVPs. I couldn’t be more honored to be included amongst this amazing group of people.

What does it mean to be a Salesforce MVP? Salesforce defines those in the MVP program as “exceptional leaders and product experts who go above and beyond to help others succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem.” MVPs are nominated by others in the Salesforce (or Trailblazer) community based on three pillars: Expertise, Leadership and Generosity.

My Salesforce journey began in 2015 when the company I worked for decided to replace their old CRM. I had never heard of Salesforce before, but once I started to learn about the platform, I was hooked. I was working in IT as a Business Analyst at the time but didn’t have a true technical background. I had spent years in service roles prior to my BA role. Salesforce was a tool that allowed me to build solutions that could automate manual processes and make people's jobs quicker and more efficient.

I appreciate how Salesforce is continuously innovating. The platform is always evolving with new functionality, new tools for those of us that build to use to help our customers. The same is true of InvestorFlow. The combination is incredibly powerful in solving the complex needs of the financial services industry.
Working in an environment where I am constantly learning has fed into my love of helping others learn as well. As a Trailblazer, I might be mentoring through formal programs or informally through connections I’ve made online or bringing people together for continued learning and networking by joining the committee for MidwestDreamin, the largest community led Salesforce conference worldwide.

I’ve met many MVPs in my years of working on Salesforce, and I’ve always admired the work they do and all they do to give back. I’ve looked at the impact they’ve had on others, including me. One of my goals has always been to try to have that same type of impact, even if with just one person. I’ve never done it with the goal of becoming an MVP but acknowledge that the title has now given me a bigger platform to help even more people. I’m fortunate and grateful to have found the Salesforce community, and the community that I have found within InvestorFlow that has supported me along the way.

Jeanette Jett, InvestorFlow Solution Architect and Principal

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