InvestorFlow at PEI San Francisco

September 28, 2023

InvestorFlow at PEI San Francisco
InvestorFlow Chief Strategy Officer HK Lee was the moderator of a session on how AI will impact fundraising during the Private Equity International Investor Relations, Marketing & Communications Forum on Wednesday, September 20 and Thursday, September 21 in San Francisco. InvestorFlow VP, Global Head of Sales Chance Tidyman and Senior Sales Executive Ashley Powell were also part of the event.

High Level Takeaways
  • Transparency with investors is becoming more and more critical
  • Define your brand and stick to it — be consistent
  • The best tech is the tech you will actually use
  • It is important to communicate with investors regularly, even if there is no fundraise
  • Gather feedback from LPs and employees and let that influence your messaging/events
  • In today’s markets, IR teams are working harder than ever to build and grow relationships

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