Introducing the Spring ‘24 Release: Enhancing Deal Flow and Fundraising Efficiency

April 03, 2024

InvestorFlow is designed to empower dealmakers and fundraisers with the tools they need to thrive in a fast-paced market. The Spring ‘24 release offers multiple updates, including AI functionality for interactions and relationships. These features are generally available on April 3. Here are the release highlights:

1. Capture Every Interaction using AI
Zoom AI Meeting Summaries automatically attaches AI-generated meeting summaries to the opportunity or deal record in your CRM. This integration ensures that the insights captured by Zoom's AI are entered and become an actionable part of your workflow. The Zoom AI Meeting Summaries feature adds to existing functionality that tracks and records multiple touchpoints in the CRM, whether it’s email, meeting notes, or video conferencing, so users have a comprehensive overview of all interactions.

2. Uncover Valuable Connections
Relationships are at the heart of successful dealmaking and fundraising. InvestorFlow’s new Relationship Intelligence feature transforms personal connections into a strategic asset for your firm. Users can uncover valuable connections among colleagues and prospects, incorporated into every aspect of their workflow. The feature rates connections based on relationship strength, providing invaluable insights to identify which connections among your peers and targets are strongest so you can focus on the right people.

3. Optimized Portal Performance
With a focus on scalability, efficiency, and user experience, InvestorFlow’s latest release enables streamlined processing of large-volume datasets while introducing new reporting and audit capabilities for enhanced transparency and user management functionality. Additionally, the updated UI promises an optimized and more intuitive user experience for both GP admins and their LPs.

4. Visualize Deal and Fundraising Progression
In the world of dealmaking and fundraising, staying on top of every interaction and milestone is crucial. Now, InvestorFlow introduces Activity Stream—a dynamic visual representation of upcoming meetings, open tasks, status changes of cases, and changes to pipeline. With Activity Stream, users can ensure that no detail slips through the cracks, keeping teams informed and proactive every step of the way.

5. Data-Driven Fundraising and Deal Monitoring
Data is the core of private markets, and InvestorFlow’s new features bring industry-leading data directly into users' CRM workflows. Link for Preqin empowers fundraisers to identify potential investors based on their target allocations, while Link for PitchBook provides dealmakers with insights for spotting and monitoring potential acquisitions efficiently and effectively.

To learn more about how InvestorFlow and the new features in our Spring ’24 release can help your firm accelerate fundraising and dealmaking, contact your account manager or schedule a demo today.

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