Solutions Designed to Simplify Administrative Tasks and Create Smarter Communications

Fund Management & Online Reporting

Your Investor Portal is One of Your Most Important Communication Tools
Your portal is what investors see and interact with. It brings everything you do together. Often, it's the only interaction for investors each reporting period. Make your portal a reflection of your firm with InvestorFlow.

InvestorFlow offers an all in one integrated communications platform for alternative asset fund managers. It is a single platform to report, fundraise and communicate like the pros, and has been designed with easy to use workflows specific to alternative asset fund managers.

It includes a robust CRM, that handles all of the front office communications a fund manager needs, while seamlessly commanding the portal - taking the thinking out of everyday work. Learn More

Fundraising & Due Diligence

A Communications Platform Offering More Than Another Data Room
The fundraising and due diligence suite are an integral part of the InvestorFlow communications platform, which provides a single toolset to report, fundraise and communicate.

Unlike generic data rooms, InvestorFlow presents your brand with a highly institutional image and the ability to customize communications to reflect the uniqueness of your organization. InvestorFlow allows investment professionals to spend more time with prospective investors thus eliminating the administrative burdens of emailing and tracking hard copy documents.

With InvestorFlow you can post, watermark, distribute, and track all documents. You can send personalized messages with access controls to each file.

Portfolio Monitoring & Analytics

Manage All of Your Holdings in One Central Location
The portfolio monitoring system provides private equity, venture capital and other firms that invest in private companies an online platform to better help you collect, analyze, and exchange portfolio performance information. It prevents the manual and error-prone assembly of portfolio data, empowering everyone to manage more accurate information and gain valuable insights.

The portfolio monitoring system is built on Intuit's QuickBase. A trusted leader in the management of financial data around the world. Learn More

InvestorFlow's QMS

Easily Match Qualified Buyers with Qualified Sellers of LP Interests
InvestorFlow's QMS is an online workflow application that meets the legal and financial requirements for private equity firms to increase the sales of LP interests an additional 8% without negative tax consequences.

This private extranet matches qualified buyers with qualified sellers in a neutral environment and streamlines the back office and workflow requirements for GPs. The application also separates private equity firms from the role of negotiating the transaction, allowing for the creation of a neutral marketplace of qualified buyers to become matched with interested and approved sellers. InvestorFlow QMS ensures that the private equity firm does not interfere with, or become involved in, negotiations between sellers and buyers.

  • Satisfies the IRS's requirements for a Qualified Matching Service (QMS), allowing an additional 8% of the fund's commitment above the normal 2%.
  • Reduces the risk of partner defaults allowing sellers to be matched with buyers as quickly as the IRS regulation allows.
  • Creates a positive buying experience for prospective secondary investors.
  • Automatically hides buyer and seller contact details for 15 days after the listing is posted, to eliminate the risk of parties entering into a binding agreement during the IRS's minimum waiting period.

Private Marketplaces

Smart Tools For Private Placements
Why use a deal room when you can create a private marketplace? The system provides placement agents a marketplace for their sell side assignments. This private platform can be branded to reflect your firm's image and offers tools for the sale of all kinds of assets, such as funds, secondaries, direct private company shares, real estate holdings, royalties, etc.

Accelerate the sale process with pre-built workflows for authentication, onboarding, bidding and targeted communications. Invite only those interested parties with our suite of communication tools and approval mechanisms.

Simple and easy to use tools allow potential buyers to find deals that match their preferences and receive alerts each step of the way. Learn More

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Smart and Simple Platforms
InvestorFlow offers smart and simple platforms for private equity and venture capital funds that can be easily managed at all levels of a firm. Fund managers can administer and track relationships, information and knowledge among investors, service providers, fund managers, portfolio companies, potential investors, and advisors.

Everything You Need
InvestorFlow supplies the tools needed to administer all front-office business processes. Intuitive solutions cover the range of activities, from investors logging into a branded portal, instead of emailing you for information, to tools that create, merge, email, post, split and so much more. You can even track, manage and analyze portfolio company data, instead of shuffling spreadsheets.

Tailored Communications without the Legwork
InvestorFlow provides investor relations professionals with the ability to customize and track all groups, categories and lists. Tools allow you to send customized communications without the legwork.

InvestorFlow unifies investor relations, deal teams and administration around a secure and reliable platform.

Real Estate

InvestorFlow Handles The Specific Needs of Real Estate
Many of InvestorFlow's largest clients are those that invest in Real Estate. Funds, special purpose vehicles, deal properties, fund of funds or real estate private equity funds are handled easily.

Get Home Sooner with Pre-Built Industry Specific Workflows
InvestorFlow intelligently manages and automates many of the front-office communication and reporting processes, freeing you to spend more time on investments and developing relationships with investors. It has specific workflows that enable timely communications among investors, partners, management teams and deal teams by providing 360-degree visibility of information and knowledge gathered across an entire organization.

Turn Mundane Processes into Repeatable Operations
When investors span many real estate products, it's important to take manual tasks and transform them into a repeatable science. InvestorFlow takes the thinking out of processing, by delivering out of the box features designed specifically to the industry.

Private Placements

Accelerate Private Placements
Investment banks now have an alternative to generic virtual data rooms. Accelerate private placements with tools for the sale of all kinds of assets, such as funds, secondaries, direct private company shares, real estate holdings, royalties, etc.

Out of The Box Marketplace for The Sale of Illiquid Assets
The alternative trading system can be branded to reflect your firm's image, and offers out of the box tools to quickly list offerings, accept and reject buyers, review bids and accept offers.

Pre-Built Workflows Automate the Bidding and Sale Processes for Your Firm
Accelerate the sale process with pre-built workflows for authentication, onboarding, bidding and targeted communications. Invite only those interested parties with our suite of communication tools and approval mechanisms.

For private equity, venture capital, real estate and investment banking professionals