State of Digital Transformation in the Alternative Asset Industry 2024

In a new report from InvestorFlow and Lionpoint, alternative asset managers reveal how their firms are seeking better solutions to stay ahead of the curve in a competitive private market landscape.

We explore these insights, and many others industry-wide, to reveal the latest perspectives on technology and AI solutions creating value in the enterprise for more effective technology for alternative asset firms.

Participants were asked to rate importance and current effectiveness of technology capabilities on a scale of 1 to 100.

Available and Accurate Reporting

Importance: 82
Effectiveness: 56
Difference: 26

Automated Data Analysis for Investor Needs

Importance: 71
Effectiveness: 46
Difference: 25

Leveraging AI to Accelerate Deals

Importance: 56
Effectiveness: 37
Difference: 19
Learn how:

Increased competition and changes in fundraising require stronger and more active relationships between GPs and LPs

Having a top to bottom tech strategy unlocks key efficiencies for GPs, allowing them to stand out from their competitors

To get in ahead of the curve for AI/ML in a crowded marketplace

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